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Uniform brand style

One of the main ideas of creating the «45 website tattoos» manual is that any website should be thoroughly integrated into the marketing system and be one of the tools for achieving various business goals. And the very first tattoo for your website is its corporate identity: logo, colors, fonts, corporate forms and elements (patterns, images, etc.). Your site should be associated with your business from the very first second.

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Intuitively simple navigation

Often, during the website audit process, we have difficulties in finding the info that the client needs. This is the second tattoo for your site — «Intuitively simple navigation». Try to imagine the way your client would see it, think like him. It should be easy and handy for him to navigate the website.

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Completeness of information

«Full disclosure» is one of the most important tattoos of your site. Today it is easier for many people to search for something online, rather than ask in person, so try to give all the needed information to your potential client. Clearly define and write down everything he may need. Over succinctness cay lead the client away from your site and distract him from completing the desired action.

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Home page

If the user doesn’t leave your website within 10-15 seconds, it can be counted as a success. Home page is the face of your company on the Internet. Grab the user’s attention, hold it, and redirect to the sections he needs. Effective home page is the 4th tattoo for your site.

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Mobile version

The 5th tattoo is its «Mobile version». Statistically, 57% of users will close the site if it doesn’t have a mobile version or it’s not userfriendly. Open it from your mobile. Is it userfriendly? Stop losing your clients! Mobile traffic today is too serious to ignore.

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Compliance with the law

Compliance with the law is the 6th tattoo of your site. If you don’t want to get fined up to hundreds of thousands of rubles (there are real cases in Russia), study the legislation, and not only in your sphere! This is especially important for medical and educational institutions, building companies and many others.

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Capture point

What desired action should the user perform on a literate programmed site? Call you? Come to the office /shop? Leave a request? Buy the product online? Request a commercial offer? This is the main question, around which any website should be built. And this is the 7th tattoo for your site: «Capture Point». It is usually a follow-up form, which encourages the user to buy or order some service.

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«Usability» is a buzzword, which basically means the ability of a product (site or app) to be well understood, studied, used, and be attractive to the user under the required condition. Think for the client. The client shouldn’t think on your site!

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It’s not so easy to make a userfriendly website. It should boot fast, be correctly displayed by any browser on any device, have a mobile version, have a userfriendly easy navigation, with the animation being not too intense. Respond to all the user’s requests, otherwise, he will leave.

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There are more than 10 operating systems in the world and dozens of popular Internet browser versions (with each having several other versions!). They all have different requirements for the site. Professional developers take that into account, less competent ones — don’t. You do realize that not all of your clients have Windows installed and not all of them use IPhones, right? All of this diversity must be taken into account.

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Open the same site on your phone, on your friend’s phone, on your tablet, laptop, work computer and then on a Smart TV. If images or texts changed their places or some stripes appeared where they were not supposed to — then the site is not adaptative. And it should be! Adaptability is the 11th tattoo for your website.

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The 12th tattoo for your site is Interactivity. Not only our younger generation has the «mosaic thinking». The world is spinning faster and faster and the technology development makes it difficult for a modern person to concentrate on one thing. Animations and videos help users in understanding the site content better. They also help in holding the user’s attention and digesting the information.

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Site structure

Sitemap is the first thing that website development begins with. All sorts of schemes and the so-called «user story» helps to see the user’s actions on the site and his way to the desired action (making a purchase or ordering services). Systematic representation on the site is mandatory for the client. And this is the 13th tattoo for your website.

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Yandex Metric and Google Analytics

If you don’t know «who and how» gets to your site, the time spent on your site, and what clicks are made most often — most probably you will not be able to make your website perfect. To keep your finger on the pulse, you need to constantly analyze the user flow and make site improvements. Yandex Metric and Google Analytics will help you find your website’s weak points, because of which your users leak, without having to make an order or contact you. And this is the 14th tattoo of your site.

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Continuous improvements

In order for the site not to be forgotten on the pages of the Internet and for it to work as good as one of your best employees, you need to analyze your user’s behavior from time to time and draw conclusions based on this data, and then boost the conversion (making your user become a loyal client). Constant improvements is 15th tattoo for your website.

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Chat with a specialist

Do you get annoyed by the virtual assistant pop-ups? Many people come with a question to an online specialist on the site, and if they get a quick and competent response, they often become your client. For example, in one of the clinics in Tomsk, 43% of online appointments are made via chat. Chat with a specialist is the 16th tattoo for your website.

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Systematic promotion

A perfect website is one of the elements of your company’s marketing system. And it is absolutely not necessary to have any technical staff. You need to know where your potential client lives, what advertising channels can attract him to your site and why he should visit your website on the first place. Separate chaotic bursts of advertising activity never work in the long term. Only system does! Systematic promotion — 17th tattoo for your site.

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Think like a user and for a user

Your task is to anticipate how and why users get to your site. And then literally hold them «by the hand» to the purchase. This would be possible if you think through the user flow in advance, put the texts and buttons in the right places, and attract them with something interesting or useful.

«Think like the user and for the user» — 18the tattoo for your site.

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19th tattoo for your site — SEO: one of the ways to attract free traffic to your site. Here is the way it works: user searches for something on the Net via search engine. The higher your site is in the list of the search results — the more likely he is to visit your site. You can write and post texts on your site that relate to your sphere of work and use keywords that users use to search for information on the Internet, but remember, that texts are just the tip of the SEO iceberg. You will get the best results if you attract technical specialists who could customize your site to suit search engines.

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Contrary to common belief, not every organization needs social media accounts. But in many cases, social media can help increase sales and client loyalty. You don’t always have to represent your company’s name on Facebook or Instagram, for example. Companies often attract clients on their social media accounts with their unique content (life hacks/ interesting stories from their sphere). You can talk about some things, which would be interesting to your potential target users on their understandable language. SMM — 20th tattoo for your site.

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Sales funnel

What is your site conversion rate and can you increase it? On what sales stage can the largest lead outflow happen? Is the offer effectively implemented on the site? The sales funnel will help you answer all these questions and generally build the right interaction with your client. Using the sales funnel, you can easily conclude conversions and your weak points, as well as determine the conversion of the customer engagement solutions into sales.

All your income depends on the incoming customer flow and his further path. And if you have the right sales funnel — your business is working well. Sales funnel is the 21th tattoo for your site.

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Text and content

Selling texts and site content are the two important components of a high conversion rate. A well-written text that presents information in the most attractive for the user way will motivate people to place an order and make a purchase. A high-quality text is always nice and clear, showing the user what he is offered and whether he needs it.

But one good text is obviously not enough. The conversion rate is also affected by posted product photos, customer reviews and different widgets: online chats, call-back services, subscriptions. And remember that the user’s trust in your product will most definitely affect his decision whether to purchase or not. «Text and content» is the 22th tattoo for your site.

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Using the cache

Use your site’s cache to boost its operation. When a user opens your page in a browser window, all its components are downloaded from the hosting server, and this takes some time.

Using cache allows to save copies of page elements directly in the user’s web browser. And then, each time he visits your site, all these elements would be taken directly from his browser cache. The gained download speed will be obvious. «Using cache» is the 23th tattoo for your site.

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Database load

If you have a very heavy load on the database (DB), it can become the reason of site blocking. Also, due to the high load on the database, your site’s loading speed may also decrease and can affect its seo indicators. To prevent it, you need to optimize your site and reduce the load on the database. «Database load» — 24th tattoo for your site.

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The Internet user’s requirements for websites are quite contradictory: they want to see professional graphic design, interactive multimedia and yet they need fast loading. The only way to combine all this together is to monitor your site’s performance metrics. These include: speed performance metrics (header time, interactivity time, connection time, etc.), content complexity, user behavior (bounce rate, conversion rate), and etc. New research on user behavior on the Internet will allow you to better understand and please potential clients. «Performance» is the 25th tattoo for your site.

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Placement on the Internet

Your site creator clearly knows your potential audience. It is extremely important in order to determine the hosting type. Hosting (or Internet hosting) is a service that provides resources (storage space) for hosting your project on a server that is permanently located in the global network. When choosing a hosting service, you should pay attention to the price, availability of daily backup and technical support by phone, as well as your hosting provider reliability. Hosting is the 26th tattoo for your site.

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A site’s domain is its unique name on the Internet, meaning the address of your site. It is the domain registration that allows a digital site address (IP) to be represented in an understandable set of letters, numbers and signs. The compony;s own site’s domain makes it easy to remember the site’s address and to be easily found on the Net. If the company’s website does not have its own domain name, it’s perceived by Internet users as a lack of funds or casual attitude towards the modern world. After registering a domain name, you can get a virtual mailbox and create an informative and memorable email address for each employee This way, having your own domain increases the reliability of your company. And due to your uniqueness, readability and domain recognition, the number of permanent users increases and their behavioral factors improve. «Domain» is the 27st tattoo for your site.

28 45


An SSL certificate is the 28 tattoo for your site. An SSL certificate is needed to protect the user data and identify the server. It is a unique digital signature of your site, containing information about the domain owner — his name, domain name, address, legal data (if the domain is owned by an organization). Without this certificate, sites transmit data over the open HTTP Protocol. This means that hackers can use it for his own purposes. With the SSL certificate, data is encrypted and transmitted over the secure HTTPS Protocol. Even if hackers intercept any information, they won’t be able to decrypt it without a secret key, owned only by the domain owner.

29 45

E-mail subscription

Email marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your site and grow leads — you can inform site visitors about news from the company’s life, new products and services, sales or promotions. Subscription on the site should be provided during the first stages of site development. And this is the 29rd tattoo for your website.

Creating a newsletter subscription form, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be automatic or against the clients will. Try to simplify the subscription process and use a lead magnet (what your potential client will receive in exchange for their email address, phone number, etc.). A two-step subscription (email address confirmation) allows to interact only with interested users. Also, don’t forget to add the «unsubscribe from the newsletter» option.

30 45


Even if your site has excellent navigation, it still won’t allow search by keywords. When someone visits your site from some search engine, he most likely searches for specific data on a specific theme. If he doesn’t find the data right after clicking the link — he will probably leave the site and you have only a few tools to make him stay. And one those tools is the search feature.

Developing a search feature, try to look at it not as a site owner or developer, but as a user: what is important for the search to satisfy you? There are two fundamental rules: the search must be visible and your user should clearly understand that it’s a search form. Search is the 30th tattoo for your site.

31 45

Map of site

Sitemap is a special xml file that contains a list of links to all the important pages of your web. It indicates the search engines on the pages needed to be indexed and this is one of the main files that any web should have. The xml sitemap link is always located in the robots.txt file and regulates the search bots movements on the sidelines of your site. If you have a sitemap, Google and Yandex search bots will index your entire website faster, which will undoubtedly affect the search results.

32 45

Security Tools

Most popular resources are getting hacked more and more often to cause denial and errors, as well as to block the operation of individual sites and entire IT systems. Site hacking is a serious challenge for IT services: you need to identify the hacker, find where he came from and come up with security mechanisms. At the same time, these security tools should block unproductive hacker requests that do not lead to company profit.

The Intrusion log can make it easier for you and your website. It automatically records all unusual or improper activities. Right after some form of event in the log, you can quickly detect the tampering attempt or the hack itself on time and take measures, and sometimes even prevent it. Intrusion log is the 32th tattoo for your website.

33 45


The point of having a backup is to save the entire site and its settings in a separate place, and if necessary, return the site to it’s original, previously saved version. This may be needed in the following cases: as a result of a server failure, the site was hacked and deleted or damaged, something was accidentally deleted or damaged or if there were software debts (updating content management systems, their themes, plugins, modules, etc.).

Therefore, file and database backup is required regularly and necessarily before updating the CMS and site modules, especially after working on the site — adding new content, implementing additional features and every 2 weeks, regardless of site changes.

34 45

Printing support

Users still print some website pages. And the 34th tattoo of your site is printing support.

Most site creators forget about this habit of their target users and forget to create a separate version of the pages for printing. As a result, in addition to the needed content, the user also prints out menus, advertising banners and other ads. Is it userfriendly?

If your site contains products that the user might want to compare with the original, or articles, recipes, and other similar content, don’t forget to support «printing» on your website.

35 45


Reviews — 35nd tattoo for your site. Statistically, more than 80% of the users read reviews on the site. This can help you gain some trust to your product or brand. Moreover, people spend more time on a website that has reviews, and this improves your position in the search results. To sum it all up, improving the site’s behavioral factors using your client’s testimonials contributes the organic traffic growth. Using this tool on your site boosts the number of regular customers and sales growth.

Don’t forget to work with customer reviews on other resources too: different thematic blogs and forums, thematic communities and social network groups and on special posting services —,,

36 45


«Contacts» — 36rd tattoo for your site. On the contact page your task is to specify all possible ways of contacting your company: phone number with city code, address, email, work schedule and the location map, using Yandex or Google maps.

The Contacts page should be reachable from any page of your site with a single click. The higher it is, the faster the user and search bots can find it. For search bots to scan and index the page correctly, it should have a relevant URL (.../contacts), a correct page title, Description meta tag and H1 header. Also, register your company in Yandex and Google Directories to get an extended snippet in the search results.

37 45

Section "About the company"

Not only descriptions of services or products can be selling on the site. The «About us» section or the famous «About the company», will always help you answer the user’s question: «What profit can I get?». The company’s facts and figures won’t help. Write about your benefits: free shipping, discounts for subscribers, special loyalty programs, eco-friendly packaging or maybe you do charity and etc. «About us» section is the 37th tattoo for your site.

38 45

Error 404

The 404 error usually pops up if the requested page was deleted, page address was entered incorrectly, in case of an incorrect redirection from another page or if the user entered a non-existent page.

In all these cases, it is relevant to customize the 404 page. It will help SEO and should show the HTTP 404 (Not Found) code. If the site has a lot of blank pages from which your clients can’t go to the main page or other site sections — the site’s position in organic search decreases. Use an interesting design to attract users and maintain your own style to help your users stay on your web. You can find a lot of different design options on the Net. And this is the 38th tattoo for your site.

We also practice publishing our design solutions for some of our clients on our Instagram account.

39 45


The process of linking website pages together is called interlinking. This is one of the mandatory processes of the search engine optimization (SEO).

Interlinking has the following functions:

  • landing pages link juice accumulation;
  • behavioral factor improvement (allows to build good communication between your user and the site);
  • indexing expedition (search engines will get through your site faster).

Thus, a well-thought-out and correctly used interlinking increases the chances of higher ranking. Correct interlinking is the 39th tattoo for your website.

40 45


When the analysis information system doesn’t allow you to analyze the sales, you can use e-Commerce. And this is the 40th tattoo for your website.

E-Commerce includes trade and financial transactions transferred through electronic networks. By installing the ecommerce code, you will be able to track which tool of user involvement is more profitable: where the most traffic and the most sales come from. You can develop a discount system for purchasing multiple products to increase the average check or open an offline shop in the region with the biggest sales.

41 45

Emphasis on quality and trust

Your company’s confidence will encourage your site visitors to purchase your products. Therefore, it is extremely important to earn the client’s trust. The following posted information can help you: official reports on your organization’s activities, information about your partners, links to your apps, data on the number of viewes under each article of your site, the option to leave comments and reviews, your updated portfolio, photos of your employees, links to social networks, etc. Also, provide your customers with all the necessary guarantees: show your awards, product quality and other certificates and licenses.

Focus on quality and trust, it is the 41th tattoo for your site.

42 45


42st tattoo for your website is its validity. Site validity implies that the HTML code complies with certain rules and standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Compliance with the rules of this standard guarantees the correct display of the site in different browsers, as well as the error absence that could possibly affect the download speed and other parameters. Website validation check is necessary in order to avoid fatal errors and failures. It also confirms that the site’s adaptability is on the right level.

There are special validator services that check sites for errors in the document structure and also check the HTML code for compliance with the standard that you have specified at the very beginning of any HTML page.

43 45

Continuous testing

Continuous testing is the process of frequent and ubiquitous site testing and automation. During continuous testing the code quality is evaluated at every step. And this is the 43nd tattoo for your website.

Continuous testing allows to timely improve code quality, evaluate the business risk coverage, create flexible and reliable processes within a few hours and eliminate gaps between development, testing and operations.

44 45


44rd tattoo for your website is the markup.

When a user enters a query, the search bots give information, describing site content. Markup helps to structure the description and this way tell the bot more specifically about your website. By implementing the markup, you help the search engine tell the client what your link is about and what he’ll see after clicking on it. This allows getting improved indicator of page compliance with the query for search bots and users.

45 45

Version for the visually impaired

About 10% of Internet users have major vision problems. Creating a site version for the visually impaired user is one of the site requirements of GOST R 52872-2012. These versions of websites are especially relevant for health clinics. You can find an example on one of our client’s website — the «DiaMed» dental clinic. Creating their site, we paid special attention to the visually impaired user version: created an option of choosing the font and site color, and also of choosing the image display. Version for people with disabilities — 45th tattoo for your site. WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) is responsible for developing website standards for people with disabilities.